There can often be many issues facing underdeveloped areas, but lack of a steady income can often be the most devastating. In many areas, jobs are simply not available. It is not that there is a lack of work force or lack of desire to work, it is that factors in the local economy make it so that the available options to make a stable living are scarce.

Often times, traditional education does not go far enough in securing and creating jobs. People can be taught academically, but they must also be able to have hands on experience, and training with real life application. Traditional schooling can increase critical thinking and general skills, but often times the development of specialized skills is required for specific vocations. Job training based on local economies is an important supplement to help this problem.

Community members will be provided with vocational skills and knowledge to increase employment potential. Self employment can also at times be the most viable option. We want students to be able to create jobs, and not just seek them. Community members have passions and ideas, and all that they require is often a small business investment that can sharpen their skills.

Enduring Communities wants community members to be equipped with the knowledge, as well as the tools and resources that are so often lacking in these communities. After fine tuning business skills, start up capital is often the last impediment for a successful business. Different initiatives such as micro-credit, will help community members to receive an initial investment to get their businesses started. This will allow them to get things started, with the goal of eventually being able to stand on their own, and become financially independent for the long term.

Join these business leaders as they seek to make their passions and dreams a reality, creating a ripple effect in the community through providing services and jobs.


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