Enduring Communities believes that all children, regardless of nationality or social class, should have the opportunity to an adequate education. For many children around the world however, adequate education is often a luxury. Distance between schools, lack of finances to afford school fees, demands to work at home, and poor quality teachers and supplies, are a few of many reasons why it is so difficult to obtain a quality education in these areas.

Lack of access to quality education creates many barriers to development and perpetuates the problems often plaguing these communities. The innocence of these children is often lost as they are forced to meet societal demands of poverty, and are not given the chance to harness their bright young minds.

Children and older youth alike have an eagerness to attend and finish school. They realize the opportunities that an education can provide, and are beginning to envision their dreams becoming realities. The possibilities are endless if these future generations are given a chance to learn and engage the world around them. These children are the ones who will lead and direct future policies impacting themselves and their communities. Enduring Communities hopes to invest into projects that will educate and equip these future leaders with the necessary knowledge that will help them grow into change agents for their communities.

Future generations have endless potential if only they are given the chance, and together with your help, we can work to realize that potential.


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