Life skills can encompass a wide range of things, and their importance is often overlooked. Their development however is essential for successful community development. Often times these are the things that can determine if a person is able to overcome personal barriers. Emerging leaders and community members need to be provided education and technical knowledge, but they also need help in addressing things like confidence, communication and basic problem solving skills. These soft skills can be perfected allowing individuals to have a better chance at overall success.

Programs such as mentorship and youth development will also help to shape future leaders. Aligning youth with role models and positive adults will help to give them a figure to look up to. It will provide encouragement and advice for a wide variety of issues. This is critical when positive role models can often be lacking in many environments. Christian programs are also available in teaching values such as diligence, hope and love.

With your help, acts of encouragement and relationship building can give hope to areas that desperately need it.


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