Our Story

Founder Chris Robbie first traveled to Uganda in 2012, and it was there that he met local Olive Kajubu, who would soon change the course of his life. Olive grew up in a very poor village called Kito, in rural Uganda, a place that does not have electricity or running water. Kito did not have a quality school in the area, and so Olive felt called to return and start a school. Olive started classes in a one-room classroom built from mud, with about 75 kids. She later quit her stable job in order to focus on the village full time, not knowing if she would have a steady income.

Chris was so moved by Olive’s story, and the beautiful people in the village, that he knew on the plane ride home that he had to get involved, and wanted to partner with the community long term. Enduring Communities was later founded in 2013 by 4 guys from Longmont, CO. It was started with the hope of coming alongside underdeveloped communities, in order to bring about healthy and sustainable change.


Our Values

  • We carry out locally-driven projects that empower communities to take ownership of their solutions
  • Our projects are designed to solve underlying problems so as to achieve lasting, sustainable change
  • We strive to utilize communities’ strengths and to shape future leaders
  • Our programs adhere to Christian values such as diligence, hope, and love
  • We value inclusivity, with respect to the inherent dignity and self-worth of every person.


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