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Olive Kajubu - Headmaster

Olive is a native Ugandan who grew up in the local village and surrounding area. Her and her family had very little growing up. She remembers eating meals of sugarcane in the fields, and did not receive her first pair of shoes until she was 14. Olive’s mother could not afford to pay for her education, so Olive had to stop school and work in order to help pay for her younger brother’s school fees. Olive worked many jobs as a nursery teacher, shop keeper and church translator. More recently, Olive has held the position of teacher’s assistant at the International School of Uganda, from 2006-2012.

Olive had a passion to return to her village and to help the community. She began by helping the elderly receive medical services and taking care of their basic needs. It grew from one person, to two, to five, to 25. Olive also had a desire to help the children and youth, and directed the building of the new school.

Olive has two sons, and enjoys singing, photography and organizing events.

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