Enduring Communities is a local Colorado nonprofit that exists in order to come alongside at-risk communities around the world and empower local leaders with the tools needed to achieve lasting, locally-driven change.

We believe change comes from within a community, and by investing into the people of the community, communities will begin to be transformed. Underdeveloped areas have no shortages of leaders. Every turn you will find an emerging leader, someone who is ready to create a better community and shape a promising future for themselves and for everyone around them. There are undeniable strengths in these areas, just as is found in any family, school or business in the United States. The only difference is that people often lack the means and opportunities to utilize these strengths and achieve their dreams. This is where Enduring Communities comes in. It is not our job to change these communities, but instead to build upon existing strengths, so that community members can obtain an improved and sustainable future.

Helping to end tough issues like poverty and lack of education requires new and well-thought-out solutions that go beyond merely material well-being. Changed individuals and communities requires investment physically, emotionally and spiritually. Donor and recipient relations must foster mutual understanding and respect, that encourages growth in each of these areas. As Christians, we want to live out God’s message of hope and love, and this is our motivation as we serve and help to improve the areas that we work in.

By partnering with us, people from varying countries and backgrounds can become more culturally aware, and have the privilege to serve and learn from one another, and develop concrete solutions for tough issues being faced around the world.

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