2017 Scholarship Event

Jambo and Hello,

As November approaches, so does our yearly scholarship event here at Enduring Communities. In November, our 7th grade students at Kito Community School in Uganda will take the national exams to graduate primary school.

The next step in their academic journey is secondary school (the U.S. equivalent of high school). However secondary school in Uganda is not free, and many students cannot attend due to poverty and a lack of resources at home. For many students, school ends after 7th grade.

This is where we hope to come in. Each year, Enduring Communities and its’ local staff in Uganda identify several students in financial need and who have the passion and motivation to continue in their studies. This year, we have chosen another 4 students. It is our goal to continue to invest into these 4 kids, so that they can continue to have more opportunities through education.

It costs $300 per year for a student to attend secondary school in Uganda. This money pays for books, uniforms, meals and living expenses. On November 13-16th, Enduring Communities is holding a social media campaign to highlight these 4 new students and to share their stories. Our hope is to partner them with people in the U.S. who want to financially come alongside them in their educational journey. We are looking for one-time donations, as well as donors who wish to partner with these students throughout their time in secondary school.

For those of you that have given to our scholarship event in the past, we want to say thank you so much. Our current secondary students are thriving in their time at secondary school, and we look forward to seeing these 4 new students continue in their studies.

We hope you will follow along with us November 13-16th as we share these 4 scholarship students’ stories.

Thanks again, we couldn’t do the work we are doing without you! -The EC Team