About Enduring Communities

Who We Are

Enduring Communities is a Colorado based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was founded in 2013. We currently support the education of around 520 students in rural Uganda and provide jobs for over 20 local teachers and staff. Enduring Communities values projects that are locally driven and empower communities to be part of the solution. We strive to invest in and equip future leaders, so that they may achieve lasting and sustainable change for not only themselves, but their communities. Enduring Communities adheres to Christian values such as diligence, hope and love, and we value inclusivity in programming, with respect to the inherent dignity and self-worth of every person.

Our Story

Olive Kajubu grew up in a rural Ugandan village called Kito. Kito is located amongst rolling green hills, lush trees, dirt roads and farmland. Despite the beautiful landscape, Kito faces high rates of poverty and does not have access to electricity or running water. The families in Kito primarily live in small homes built from mud and sticks, and are subsistence farmers – growing and consuming the food on their small plots of land to survive. Olive’s family was no exception, and she had very little growing up. Olive did not have her first pair of shoes until she was 14, and she often ate sugar cane in the nearby plantations for meals. Olive’s mother could not afford to pay for her education, so Olive quit school and worked in order to help pay for her younger brother’s school fees. Despite the odds, Olive moved and worked her way through several jobs and eventually became a teacher. However, Olive felt a call to give back to her hometown community. Kito did not have a school in the area, forcing many children to work the farms or stay at home with chores. Olive desired a better future for these children, and so she left her stable job and began classes in a one-bedroom mud hut. In 2012, Enduring Communities co-founder and Colorado native Chris Robbie visited Uganda and heard Olive’s vision first hand. He was so moved by her story that he knew on the plane ride home that he had to get involved. Chris partnered with several nonprofits to help get 7 permanent classrooms built for the now Kito Community School. Chris wanted to continue to partner with the school and community long term, and in 2013, he co-founded Enduring Communities.