January 2020 Update

Happy January from Enduring Communities!

The start of a new year offers a chance to reflect on challenges, successes and failures from the previous year. It is also an opportunity to reset, and focus on goals for the coming year. This is no exception at Enduring Communities, and we hope you will take a minute with us as we look at both our prior accomplishments and vision for the future. As we enter into 2020 and our 7 th year of operation, Enduring Communities’ partnership with Kito Community School in Uganda has made great strides. In 2013, Enduring Communities supported the education of 180 Ugandan students. In 2019, that number grew to around 500 students. In 2013, Enduring Communities supported the employment of 10 local staff. In 2019, the number of local staff grew to over 20. Additionally, Enduring Communities’ breakfast and lunch program provided around 140,000 meals in 2019. This program has been crucial in providing nutrition and addressing child malnutrition.

The school in Uganda also continued to have success academically. 100% of our 7 th grade students graduated and passed the Ugandan national exam. Several of these students earned the top grade possible. Enduring Communities also provided 22 scholarships for some of the graduating students to attend secondary school (U.S. equivalent of high school).

While we are proud of these successes, as with any endeavor, we faced challenges along the way. We look forward to both the challenges and opportunities in 2020. With the new year, we hope to build on the quality and success of the school. Now that the infrastructure is in place and the school has reached its full capacity, we aim to invest more into our teachers and programming so that they can continue to improve. Here in the U.S., we hope to continue to expand our student sponsorship program to better connect with our supporters. We are also continuing to seek new partners that want to get involved with the important work of education in rural Uganda.

As always, we could not do the work that we do without the help of our supporters and partners. Thank you for investing in us with your time and finances. It is truly a blessing. Please be sure to follow us on facebook and on our website for all the latest information.

-The EC Team