July 2021

Hello from Enduring Communities!

We hope that all of our extended family and friends are enjoying their summers and doing well. As the U.S. has made strides and slowly opened back up from Covid, Uganda unfortunately took a step backwards in its progress. Vaccine rollout has been slow, and cases increased towards the end of spring. Because of this, the Ugandan government closed schools again in June – only months after in-class learning had returned.

We continue to monitor local developments, and hope that things will improve and the school can safely open to students again soon. Sadly, child labor and pregnancies are on the rise in local communities as schools remain closed. We ask for your thoughts and prayers as Uganda navigates this difficult health crisis. We are continuing to support our staff during this time, and are providing as much take-home work as possible for the students. While remote learning is difficult in Kito given the lack of electricity, staff has attempted to deliver school materials to students as much as they can. 

Despite the recent closures, Kito Community School’s seventh graders were able to complete their testing for secondary school. 27 out of 28 of our students passed the national test, including almost half of the students receiving the highest grade possible. This is a rigorous national test, and the students continue to perform above standard. We are very proud of these students for testing so well amongst all of the disruptions and challenges that Covid brought to their learning throughout the last year. 

As always, thank you for following along and for all of our partners continued support. We don’t take it for granted, and couldn’t be doing the important work of education without you. 

-The EC Team